The Best PDF to Excel Converter: How to convert PDF to Excel on Windows

The portable document format has become the world’s acceptable file format and the way it is doing away with the physical paper is really impressing. This is because PDFs have been legalised as the formal format of translating information. With this it has made all things relating to PDF conversion gather more interest and as a result the market has been flooded with a number of multiple of both genuine and counterfeit or rather unreliable converting software. As a result most users have suffered under the hands of inefficient converting programmes and this has led to most users lacking faith in the converting tools available in the market. However, that should not be the caser as here I have only dealt with the top notch PDF to Excel converting tools.

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Cogniview PDF to Excel Converter

PDF to Excel Converters - Free, Home & Business | PDF2XL
This is one of the very PDF Converters that I know does deliver and that’s for sure that have at one point come across it and used it will bear me witness. The abilities it possesses make it indeed the very best converting tool. Not only does it has the capability of converting PDF file formats in Microsoft Excel and Word but also other recognised formats such as PowerPoint to mention but a few. If you do not have this programme running on your Windows device then it is no lie you are missing out big time. The features that comes along with it have no rivals. Looking at it generally it can handle any task thrown to it with a lot of ease.


  1. Features a very superfast converting process that takes less than five minutes for the first document (i.e. both the conversion process and installation).
  2. The process of conversion is less complex as compared to many converters and is a three procedural task whereby conversion is done promptly.
  3. Smoothly runs in Windows devices. Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012 to be specific.
  4. It guarantees to meet the ability to return your money in a span of only thirty days.
  5. Users also enjoy a free support by posting their unforeseen errors via email that works actively twenty four hours around the clock.


  1. Printing into PDF2XL Enterpriser’s Cogniview Printer is not supported in ia64 (Itanium).

TalkHelper PDF Converter

Скачать TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR для преобразования PDF
Emphasizing a lot about this converting will seem as if I am flirting. However, that will not stop me from saying that what this converting tool does is more than exceptional. First when we look at the cost of this programme as compared to others, The Talk Helper PDF to Excel Converter is not only pocket-friendly but also in all aspects cheap. This is because what other converting tools offer at very high prices in the name of premium services, the Talk Helper Converter gives all that at a cost of only   twenty nine dollars. Rather than getting second-hand information I would suggest you to purchase it and give it a try.


  1. The TalkHelper PDF Converter offers what other software offer as premium services at a very pocket friendly prices.
  2. It can also convert a multiple number of pages at a single time by the feature of multiple page conversion process thus making the converting process less laborious.
  3. User can use this top notch converter offline direct from their Windows device as it is available in an offline full version.
  4. It also features a very easy to use and very smart interface making adaptation very fast because of its high tech features.
  5. Not only does it convert PDF files into Excel but also other file formats such as JPG, PNG, DOCX, HTML and other major formats such as DOC.


  1. Might be quite challenging to use especially for newbies. However, this challenge is not widespread as adaption is fast.

Nitro PDF Converter

1 Year License Nitro PDF Converter, For Mac, PAN India, Rs 12000 /unit |  ID: 20311306088
The way I am hooked on the Nitro Pro PDF Converter when I first laid my hands on it has taken me by surprise. Have you ever experienced, a converting tool that offers everything without having to open multiple programmes? If your answer is NO, then search no more. The features of this top converter are in a league of its own! I have experienced it and you can take it from me. The developers have come with such an incredible tool that cannot be disputed in terms of its easy to use interface and quality output. Why don’t you give it a try if you are tired of being exploited by incapable converting tools and thank me later.


  1. The output yielded here is generally clean and indeed neat in the sense that the conversion process delivers a great output per time.
  2. The process of converting not only delivers high quality output but also generally fast saving  a lot of time on you.
  3. The Nitro PDF Converter is indeed a very wallet friendly converting tool as it very cheap and finance conscious thus saving on money big time.
  4. A user can access any of their document once converted by this programme from anywhere at any given time this because it has been integrated with various clod storage options such as Google Drive, Drop Box to mention just but a few amongst other major storage platforms.


  1. It is not advisable to those who often perform heavy conversions as the Nitro PDF Converter only allows a maximum of five conversions a month.

Wondershare PDF Converter

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro - PiratePC

The Wondershare has been indeed a wonder product that its developers have ever come up with. The reason behind this is that every time it delivers a very clean and high quality output. With the features it has, you will save a lot of your time that you used to spend on file conversion. When you read through the developers aim you will see that their aim was to have a converting tool that is simple and can be easily run by anyone globally. I can attest to that, they have met simplicity and it has a smart and very intrusive user interface.


  1. It makes the converting process quick and even easier by far as it converts over three hundred files at a go which is a rare feature to find in a converter.
  2. This wonder converting programme for Windows also has been input with major languages to make it globally acceptable such as English, Germany, Italian and other major languages which cannot be all exhausted.
  3. Has the ability to scan documents and get editable and easy to search text documents.
  4. It runs practically smooth and runs quite fast when the Optical Character Range has not been activated.
  5. This software as well detects images from a file and can remove them if not needed.


  1. The graphics of the Wondershare have been excessively cropped.

Adobe Acrobat DC PDF Converter Adobe Acrobat Pro DC | PDF Converter | 12-Month Subscription  with Auto-Renewal, Billed Monthly, PC/Mac: Software

I guess by now that this converter has not yet found that ideal converting software that will be able to completely replace the Adobe Acrobat DC PDF Converter. This top notch converting tool has been the converter that all developers have been looking up to for over the last decade. Many have tried to feature some of the aspects that it possesses but they lack that special high quality output plus some of the magical features that the Adobe Acrobat DC PDF Converter offers in a single software. On a personal level, I can reassure you that this is the converter that has it all. Despite it having some minor drawbacks, they do not outshine the advantages having one running in your Windows device.


  1. User does not have to convert the whole piece as with the Adobe Acrobat Dc PDF Converter one can extract pages or texts if dealing with only a range of pages for a project.
  2. With this top notch converter, user’s time is saved as he or she does not need to spend lots of time feeding information in spreadsheets as they can directly save Word document tables and columns directly as Excel files.
  3. Work has not to be done in an office as user can work directly from even mobile devices even at the go and data still maintaining all its styles and formats.


  1. The services of his incredible converting tool may not be available in some countries and languages thus making it not a well-accepted tool internationally

Able2Extract Professional PDF Converter

If you enjoy handling spreadsheets, and the process of converting PDF files into Excel using any of your Windows device then if you thought of having the Able2Extract Professional PDF Converter you are on the track. I gave it a try and it really impressed me. This great PDF converter is exceptional as it handles any task with a lot of ease. The name suggests it all. The ability is not at question what reassurance would you want if you already have one such as this one. It transfers PDF files into Microsoft Excel formats, PowerPoint and Word amongst others.


  1. Saves a lot of time especially where extraction is involved hence user has little to worry about and much to do with the time spared.
  2. The Able2Extract Professional PDF Converter helps user to convert, edit and perform other functions at the blink of an eye thus increasing the level of productivity. When speaking statistics, it can convert a 1000 page PDF file.
  3. Cuts out he risk of entering errors in your document especially when you are manually feeding them in your spreadsheet which may risk your business.
  4. Offers support to all their users especially for unforeseen errors and this is done via various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter amongst others.


  1. Does not offer a series of many different languages as most converters do. 

iSkysoft PDF Converter

iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro 4.0.5 + RU :: Software_Promo

The features of the iSkysoft PDF Converter not only allow you to convert your PDF files into Excel formats but also allows user to perform a number of multiple functions. This feature has popularised it among its users. It features multiple functionalities such as batching different pages, adding or even deleting texts from a PDF Converting tool. I would suggest that any user that has the idea of purchasing a converter then this top converting tool for windows should be put in consideration. Those who have had a piece of it will confess that it is not an easy to come across converting tool especially bearing in mind what it can do. Here are some of the merits it features.


  1. User can convert all kind of PDF files in terms of size without losing the original style or formats nor data.
  2. Features other functionalities such as the highlighting of texts, signing, and adding of watermarks.
  3. Documents here are also well protected by using passwords to ensure that sensitive or confidential information do not end up into the wrong hands.
  4. Features a full guide that helps user to easily manage all your PDF files.
  5. Comes with an easy to follow converting procedure that does not need technical assistance to have your documents converted.
  6. The output yielded by the iSkysoft PDF Converter are of high quality.


  1. The user interface might be a bit complex.


The task of converting PDF files into other different file formats more so excel. With these top notch converting it is evidently clear that you will save a lot of time that you used to spend on transferring information into spreadsheets. It will be easier choosing that ideal converter from these seven rather than looking for one in this flooded website. Make use of one and reduce your work. I can take credit later.

With the perfect research made on this featured converting tools, it would be impossible to say that there is no appropriate one that will meet your expectations. As a matter of fact you cannot find better converters than this.

Looking at their advantages and disadvantages, it would be easier to know what kind of converter to use on all your Excel related tasks for both personal and business use. Say no from being exploited by converters that do not deliver.